Configure Visual Studio to support OpsMgr reports development

Should you want to develop rich OpsMgr reports using BIDS (Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio), you’ll need to complete several simple steps first:
  1. Copy MicrosoftRSChart.dll and MicrosoftRSChartDesigner.dll as described here
  2. Modify RSReportDesigner.config as described here
If you want to use relative time picker and other cool features implemented in Microsoft Generic Report Library you’ll also want to use custom code in your report. So following will be useful:
  1. Copy Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Reporting.Code.dll from SSRS bin folder
  2. Add ManagementGroupId key to devenv.exe.config: just copy <appSettings>…</appSettings> section from your ReportingServicesService.exe.config like this:
    <add key="ManagementGroupId" 
      value="Your management group's GUID goes here" />

For sure, I assume that you have looked through MS GRL reports’ RDLs, so you understand why do you need this 🙂

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