How many performance collection rules are there in MP? (#scom #sysctr #opsmgr)

It was a hot day here in Veeam Management Pack R&D Teeam, we’re getting closer and closer to feature complete deadline and code freeze. I’ve spent few days on reviewing performance reports MP and ended with rebuilding it from the scratch  – 36 reports, 175 performance collection rules, 853 report-rule links. When I was done, I took a short break, grabbed latest versions of some frequently used management packs, run my MP parsing tool and got some interesting stats.

Do you know what’s inside of your favourite management pack? Do you use it at 100%?

The table below shows the number of performance collection rules which post data to the OpsMgr Data Warehouse.

Management Pack Performance Collection Rules
Enabled Grand Total
true on Essential Monitoring on Standard Monitoring false
Exchange Server 2010 173 518 691
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products Management Pack 19 19
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Management Pack 1 1
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 (Monitoring) 1 1
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 (Monitoring) 13 13
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Monitoring Management Pack 21 21
SQL Server 2005 (Monitoring) 52 3 55
SQL Server 2008 (Monitoring) 52 13 65
SQL Server 2012 (Monitoring) 52 52
Veeam Virtualization Extensions Base Discovery 12 12
Veeam Virtualization Extensions VMware Monitoring 161 161
Veeam Virtualization Extensions VMware vCenter Monitoring 2 2
Windows Server 2000 Operating System 14 15 5 34
Windows Server 2003 Operating System 19 45 64
Windows Server 2008 Operating System (Monitoring) 19 45 64
Windows Server 2012 Operating System (Monitoring) 19 45 64
Windows Server Cluster Disks Monitoring 3 3

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  1. Hi,
    Is there a possibility that you might post your mp parser tool on the tools page. It sounds very interresting

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