GRL Tools: Usage instructions and download link

GRLTools are used to generate a Management Pack containing a set of linked performance reports based on Veeam eGRL performance and top/bottom reports.

Please read this post carefully before using these tools. Download link is at the bottom of the post.


  • GRLTools require OpsMgr 2007 R2 or 2012 or 2012 SP1 console to be installed. If you don’t want to install console, then you’ll need OpsMgr 2007 R2 SDK binaries.
  • GRLTools generates an MP with linked reports, so you’ll need Veeam.Report.Library MP.

Usage instructions

  1. Create a folder, put following management packs (.mp or .xml) there:
    1. MPs that define performance collection rules
    1. MPs that define objects which will be used for targeting/filtering
  1. Create a text file containing full names and paths of above MPs (one per line)
  1. Run parse tool:
    Parse tool will create an xlsx file in the current directory. File will be named as follows: grl_YYYYmmDD_HHMMSS.xlsx
  1. Add required data to the xlsx file
  1. Run MP generator as follows:

While editing xlsx file DO NOT:

  • Rename sheets
  • Delete header rows
  • Re-order columns or change column positions by adding extra columns between or in front of existing columns

Editing the xlsx file

List of columns that can be edited:

Sheet Column Description
Identity ID ID for new MPSample value: My.Reports
Identity Display Name Display name for new MPSample value: My Reports
Identity Version Version of new MP (4 numbers delimited with dots)Sample value:
Identity Description Description for new MP
References Do not edit any field here. You may remove references to any MP which is not referenced by its’ alias (see below). Reference to MP which defines performance collection rule is not required.Do not remove references to:

  • Microsoft . SystemCenter . DataWarehouse . Report . Library
  • Veeam . Report . Library
Rules Unit Measurement unitSample value: Percent
Rules Agg Function Aggregation function. Can be one of:

  • Avg
  • Min
  • Max
  • Sum
Rules Url Link to the web page containing description of performance counter. Will be used in the list of selected rules (“parameters” section of the report)
Reports ID ID for the report. Do not prefix this ID with MP ID – this will be done automatically.Sample value: MyPerformanceReport.LR
Reports Base Report Can be one of  (no spaces before or after dots, of course):

  • Veeam . Report . Library . GenericPerformance . report
  • Veeam . Report . Library . GenericPerformanceTopBottom . report
Reports Display Name Display name for the report. This value will be used in the reports list (reporting pane). Do not use colons, forward or back slashes here.Sample value: My Top (Bottom) Report
Reports Title Title for the report. This value will be used in the report itself. Any character can be used.Sample value: My Top/Bottom Report
Reports Description Description for the report. Do not leave this value blank!
Reports Hosting Class Will be used in “Split into sections by” parameter. Since we  do split using TopLevelHostManagedEntityRowId field, Microsoft.Windows.Computer will work fine in most cases.Sample value: Veeam.Virt.Extensions.VMware.VMCCR
Reports Target Class Target class for the report. Required if you need the report to appear in actions (right) pane when user selects an object of appropriate type. Leave it blank if that is not the case. MP prefix is required.Sample value (no spaces before or after dots, of course): VeeamVirtExtensionsVMwareLibrary ! Veeam . Virt . Extensions . VMware . VMCCR
Reports Type Filter Class for predefined filter. Used in object picker control for “scope” parameterSample value (no spaces before or after dots, of course): Veeam . Virt . Extensions . VMware . VMCCR
RulesInReports Report ID of the report
RulesInReports Rule ID of the rule

Special notes

  • Avoid duplicating rules (even in different management packs)

Very special notes

  • GRLTools are using EPPlus library for reading/writing Excel workbooks.
  • Though GRLTools are brewed in Veeam, it is an internal tools, not an official Veeam product, so no warranties, obligations and official support. Use it at your own risk.
    Should you need any help with GRLTools, please contact me via contact form at this site.


Files included into zip archive:

  • Veeam.GRLTools.Common.dll
  • Veeam.GRLTools.GenerateMP.exe
  • Veeam.GRLTools.ParseMPs.exe
  • EPPlus.dll
  • EPPlus.xml (260 downloads)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This looks like an interesting and useful tool. I’ll give it a try later.

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