How to add a good-looking description for SCOM Report?

Yesterday I was asked a question:

I would like to enter a description for a published SCOM report that is longer than the 512 character limit. I see that the Veeam reports have very detailed and long descriptions. Do you know how I can accomplish this?

Here is the answer: to get the long, detailed and good-looking description, we should add KnowledgeArticle element to the management pack and decorate it with appropriate attributes. The element should be a child of /ManagementPack/LanguagePacks/KnowledgeArticles.

So if we want to decorate our SCOM Report with the description like this:

SCOM Performance Report Description Screenshot

We should add the following code into the SCOM Management Pack (Note: I have removed many lines of code to make the screenshot more clear):

SCOM Report Knowledge Base Article Scrrenshot

Both screenshots show Microsoft Generic Report Library management pack. You may want to unseal it and study the code for further learning.


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