Survey 2014: How do you use SCOM reporting? – Results

I started this post with the very simple thing – copied and pasted title from my previous post. And immediately got the very strange feeling of having a huge debt. Not a financial of course (which I try to avoid), by blogging and writing debt. It is weird and ridiculous to publish a survey result one year later! I had a choice of either moving the survey to the trash or confessing that my blogging debt is really huge 🙂

So, not only this post present results for the SCOM Reporting survey, but also should be considered as another official relaunch of my blogging activity.

Survey results

Do you use SCOM reporting features?

Yes, both buit-in reporting and Azure Operational Insights 17%
Yes, only buit-in reporting 77%
Yes, only Azure Operational Insights 0%
No 6%

Are you satisfied with your reporting experience?

Yes 6%
Almost 38%
Doubt 28%
Almost useless feature 8%
Noooooooooo 21%

Generic vs. Product-specific vs. Self-service?

Generic (i.e. reports that work for data collected by any MP) 28%
Product-specific (i.e. reports designed for specific MP) 26%
Self-service 45%

Which kind of report do you need most often?

Availability 70%
Most common alerts 55%
Performance/performance details 70%
Events 26%
Configuration 25%
Product specific 30%
Other 9%

Why do you need reports?

Troubleshooting 60%
Planning 62%
To make my manager happy 66%
Other 11%

How often do you use reports?

Every day 25%
Several times per week 30%
Once per week 26%
Once per month 15%
Once per quarter 4%

What are the most common reporting issues?

No data 36%
Incorrect data 13%
Incorrect aggregation 25%
Missing features 38%
Too slow 38%
Bad usability/user experience 53%
Execution errors 15%
Other 11%

Do you need a self-service reporting option for SCOM?

Yes, I want it on-premise 72%
Yes, I want in the cloud 4%
Yes, I use Azure Operational Insights already 4%
No, I don’t need that 17%
Other 4%

Your role in organization?

IT Pro (SCOM Admin) 66%
IT Pro (Not SCOM Admin) 6%
IT Manager 6%
IT Executive 6%
Consultant 15%
MP Developer 2%


As for me, the user perception of the SCOM reporting feature is very clearly described by numbers and, unfortunately, it is very far from “good enough” marks. However, the survey took place more than 1 year ago, so I hope that with release of SCOM 2016 and SQL Server 2016 the situation will improve. I haven’t tried these products yet, so take this as my personal expectation, not promise of any kind.

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