Extending Active Directory Schema to Store Application Configuration (+PowerShell Examples)

These days I work together with many top-notch developers, dealing with very different projects, solutions and applications (not only with SCOM management packs :)). And what I like most of all about being in this very diverse community is the variety of questions whose folks bring onto the table. Here is the most recent one: […]
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Designing the perfect SCOM report – my workflow (Part 3/3)

In previous parts we discussed how to get ready for SCOM reports development and how to plan the perfect report. Now we’re ready to rock.
If you have done your homework, the implementation will be pretty much straightforward process , the speed will depend on your technical skills only. My implementation workflow usually includes: SQL Server stored procedure(s) for data retrieval; report definition (RDL); report parameter block (RPDL); Injection of stored procedures, report definition and parameter block into management pack […]
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Designing the perfect SCOM report – my workflow (Part 2/3)

There are so many things that can be described in this part. There is no straightforward approach in software design. It’s all about finding the right balance between many factors. However, if you’re writing SCOM report for yourself or for your fellow IT Pro sitting at the desk next to you, don’t worry – skip this part, get your vision and do it. If this is not the case, you’ll need to invest lot of time (sometimes even more than implementation takes) into planning […]
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Designing the perfect SCOM report – my workflow (Part 1/3)

It was more than four years ago when I created my first SCOM report. I have authored several dozens since that. Some of them were great, most were just good. Many people asked me how do I do that and assumed that report authoring for SCOM is something really complex. In fact, it is not. At least it is not more difficult than writing non-SCOM report or your own resume. The only thing one need to author good SCOM report is to understand the process and follow it […]
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GRL Tools: Usage instructions and download link

GRLTools are used to generate a Management Pack containing a set of linked performance reports based on Veeam eGRL performance and top/bottom reports. Please read this post carefully before using these tools. Download link is at the bottom of the post. Prerequisites GRLTools require OpsMgr 2007 R2 or 2012 or 2012 SP1 console to be […]
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Configure SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008 to support OpsMgr reports development

Update: Instructions for SQL Server 2012 Data Tools are here. This is just a short note on how to configure BIDS 2008 to support OpsMgr reports development. Copy Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Reporting.Code.dll from SSRS bin folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ Add ManagementGroupId key to devenv.exe.config: just copy <appSettings>…</appSettings> section from your ReportingServicesService.exe.config like this: <configuration> … <appSettings> <add key="ManagementGroupId" […]
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